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Tilt - Hue Angled Calligraphy Ink Pot Holder

Tilt - Hue Angled Calligraphy Ink Pot Holder

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The perfect multi-function accessory for dip pen work.

Designed to hold medium sized 15ml ink pots and make sure the ink pot isn't going anywhere, so you can concentrate completely on your work.

Tilt is designed to hold an ink pot in two positions, flat and angled. A full jar can be kept flat securely. In the angled position, the jar is conveniently positioned to make use of the last of your ink. Alternating between the flat and angled positions only requires an intentional nudge with your pen, no need to remove the pot! We’ve put a lovely layer of cork on the bottom too.

There's also a handy pen rest located at the front of each holder.

Available in lots of colours!

1.Sapphire Blue



4.Arctic Teal

5.Forest Green



8.Charcoal Black

Glass jars to fit are available to purchase from our store. Buy your jars here!

Please note the dip pen, accessories or glass jars are not included.

More about the polymer material which these rainbow selection is made from:

Abundant and rapidly renewable plant resources capture and sequester atmospheric carbon over their growing season, producing simple sugars via the process of photosynthesis. Through a process of fermentation and separation, these harvested plant sugars are converted into lactic acid. A lactic acid building block is transformed into Ingeo, a performance thermoplastic with physical characteristics and performance tailored for filament production and printing.

Want to know about the compostability?

The makers of the polymer also plant a tree for every lot of polymer we buy from them!

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