Product Care

Thank you for your recent purchase from Keiyosa. We hope that your piece serves you well for many years to come in both form and function. We apply a high quality, environmentally safe wood finish which is a mix of plant-based natural oils and wax. The finish should hold up to daily use, but can be damaged by standing moisture and heat.

Cleaning products such as common kitchen counter sprays should never be used on any wood furniture. Their use will void any warranty expressed or implied. Avoid using any furniture polish containing silicone, such as Pledge, on finished wood as these products will cause problems should your piece need refinishing at a later date.

During the first three weeks after receiving, avoid leaving anything (table runners, vases, books, etc.) on the furniture surfaces. This will allow the finish to cure thoroughly and acclimate to the environment of your home or office.

For quick cleanups, a soft damp cloth will suffice. For a more finish-rejuvenating cleaning regime, use OSMO Wash and Care, an oil-based natural soap that helps reduce the stripping effect of regular cleaning. A small amount of this product diluted in water cleans effectively and feeds the finish at the same time.

NOTE: Avoid using cleaning products containing ammonia or with a high pH on any finished wood surface. These types of products are known to cause all wood finish to soften and degrade over time.

To remove stubborn stains, or to refresh the finish if it has become somewhat dull or dry looking, use OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner, a hard-wax based care product. Rub a small amount of Liquid Wax Cleaner over the entire wood surface using a cloth or 3M Scotch-Brite 7445 white ultra-fine pad. Allow the product to dry for 30-60 minutes, until it becomes hazy, then buff lightly with a clean, dry, cotton cloth. This product may also be effective in repairing superficial scratches. It is recommended to not place any flat objects on the finished surface for 24 hours after application. IMPORTANT NOTE: Cleaner soaked rags can spontaneously combust. Please dispose carefully.

For more complete restoration of the wood finish apply a fresh coat of Osmo Polyx-Oil. First clean the surface thoroughly. When the surface is entirely dry, thoroughly scuff the surface with 3M Scotch-Brite 7447 pad and remove all resulting dust from the surface. First, making sure to have adequate ventilation in the workspace, apply a coat of Polyx-Oil by rag or brush. Wait 15-20 minutes and wipe all excess material away with clean, soft, cotton cloths. Finish with a final wiping, in wood grain direction, with fresh cloth, taking care to leave no glossy residue or fingerprints. Allow 24 hours drying time before using the furniture and 3 weeks curing time before leaving anything on the surface for extended periods.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Finish soaked rags can spontaneously combust please dispose carefully.

Chopping board care

Clean the chopping board by wiping with a damp cloth or scrubbing with a brush, warm water and a mild soap. Do not soak the board or leave it in water for a prolonged period of time. This can cause cracks in the wood. To avoid warping, where possible, use both sides of the board.

Dry the chopping board or allow it to dry naturally, standing on end. Do not expose the product to high temperatures to speed up the drying process. To recondition the product, simply sand down the surface with fine sandpaper and re-oil using mineral oil.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to get in touch.