Customer Testimonials

"I just arrived home and the box is here! It is in absolutely perfect condition, so thank you for the care you took in packing it. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out; you are a true craftsman! I can’t wait to give this to my wife. It’s also a total heirloom piece for our two girls. Keep up the great work and thanks again!" - Alicia


"I absolutely love my drying racks from Vipul Fine Furniture. They are beautifully made and finished to a very high standard. And they’re not just for calligraphy - I am also a letterpress printer and use them while the letterpress ink dries to prevent smudging. They’re so good that I think I need a couple more!" - Grania (Ink & Paper)


"Always a delight ordering from Vipul! Careful and precise wood workmanship every time! I used the drying rack for placecards and also envelopes, sturdy design, easy to clean, well spaced out to avoid cards touching each other or smudging. A perfect desk accessory for any calligrapher! And all with eco friendly packaging, what’s there to complain about?" - Sneha (Paint Pots and Quills)


"Beautiful and functional. Sometimes I stare at my headphones, sometimes just at the stand. The weight is all in the base, making the stand nice and stable even with heavy headphones. Plus the base also serves as a resting tray for a coiled cable, keeping everything you need connected while nice and tidy. There’s nothing like owning audio gear that doubles as art. All this, and you know you’re supporting the livelihood of a craftsman who bent that curve into shape and molded wood and leather into the ornament before you that now holds your favorite cans - when they’re not on your head of course." - Chris


”The Band is a very sturdy stand, yet at the same time it has very light and elegant lines. Perfect for decluttering your desk in style.” - Harri


“Vipul’s calligraphy accessories are invaluable for my practice, but are also just beautiful objects in their own right. I have two drying racks that are perfect for envelopes and placecards and are proportioned really well for both. The cat desk tidy is ideal for holding nibs, paperclips and other small things on my desk in the studio – not to mention fun and uplifting after a long day! The finish on everything he makes is really precise, but with the natural beauty of the materials shining through.” - Libby


"Lovely tray, well crafted and exactly what I needed for my aquatic plants. An awesome touch and beautiful part wherever it’s used." - Dorothy


"Absolutely lovely...............Beautifully made and they look gorgeous on the coffee table!" - Hannah


"I ordered a drying rack for my calligraphy work after hearing from other calligraphers that they were very happy with their Keiyosa products. I love that they are wooden, compared to the other ones I’ve seen which are plastic. My order arrived really promptly and packaged beautifully in eco-friendly packaging. The finish of the wood is beautiful - so much so that I use it as a prop in photographing my calligraphy as well as for holding my work as it dries. The design is faultless and I am really happy with the product. The Keiyosa team are also a joy to speak with and I would go to them for any other calligraphy accessories I need. Thank you!" - Beeta Sadeghi


"I ordered a beautiful drying rack from Keiyosa for my letterpress printing. I absolutely love it! The wood and craftsmanship is beautiful and I have loved using it! Highly recommend!" - Emma


”I received my order in excellent condition. I guess the word shavings which was used to secure my items did the job quite well. I didn’t buy anything extravagant however, they treated my items as if they were the most expensive and fragile item in the store. When I opened my items, it was if I went to the store and picked them up myself. 3 beautiful finetec pans. No a crack, smudge or sign of damage. They were perfect. I ordered a metal box to put my pearlcolors in and again Not a scratch, brand new and warped securely. My last items were 3 (three) calligraphy ink jars. This could get tricky from the UK to the US. But true to Keiyosa’s care for each item and each customer no matter what is being purchased all 3 jars were tightly wrapped and when they were opened, I not a nick, stretch or imperfect in the jars. Needless to say, I’m extremely happy with my purchase and their awareness to the Environment. They reuse their wood shaving (the ones that come out like curly-q’s) to keep their items secure and a little note at the bottom of their packing slips, “Do the green thing. Reuse this paper to make origami, confetti or your next to-do list. “ I usually put my in the Schroeder then in the recycling bin which I think they would approve of. What more can I say. I’m very happy with my purchase and I would recommend it to a friend or family member. Good luck & stay healthy to all this at Keiyosa’s shop.” - Cheryl