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The Band - headphone stand

The Band - headphone stand

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With our furniture making experience coupled with being avid audio enthusiasts, we set out to design a headphone stand that looks good, is functional, and compliments home décor. The Band is our answer, a headphone stand with use of natural materials; wood; leather; and brass, to form curves that are pleasing to look at and feel (yes, we’re still talking about the stand!). 


The design came about from seeing the abundance of clunky, imposing plastic and metal designs on the market. Homes aren’t cold and stark, so why should a headphone stand be any different? We wanted something that adds to the warm look and feel people often choose for their homes, and opted to work with natural woods, glowing brass, and gorgeous soft leather. It was also really important to us that The Band is perfectly functional, as well as looking great.


Shape – The curved outer form is made from a single piece of wood, gently bent into shape. We also love the open design, which allows you to fully enjoy the aesthetics of your headphones when they're not in use. The Band itself provides natural suspension for even the heaviest headphone out there.


Natural materials –We use the highest quality leather, finished by hand, and sourced from a family owned business with over 140 years of experience. Using natural materials means the leather, brass, and wood will develop a natural patina and their own unique character over time. We don’t use any plywood or veneer in The Band, it’s all solid wood. 

If you opt for the ebonised (black) stand,  we use a completely natural dying process to create the look.

Base - Forming a shallow tray that’s perfect for small accessory storage. The base is suitably weighted, giving The Band has a low centre of gravity, so they’re not prone to tipping. 

Protective - As your headphones will be resting on soft natural leather, it avoids them rubbing against hard materials, minimising premature wear. The open design of The Band means your headphone ear cushions are allowed to breathe and sufficiently air to further ensure longevity. The base material is a non-slip synthetic latex based polyester to ensure the stand isn’t easily shifted and surfaces aren't marred.

Timeless - Over time, the stand conforms to the headphones and their weight. The leather will conform to your headphone’s band, and the suspension provided by the wooden band also has a natural spring.

Each stand is individually crafted and hand finished, using locally sourced products, in the heart of England.

The Band in Oak weighs around 480g. Almost all of that weight is within the base, so the centre of gravity is very low, which means it's difficult to tip over.

Dimensions: 255mm, 10" (h), 250mm, 10" (l), 110mm, 4.33" (w).

For full care instructions, please refer to our product care page.


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