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Hue- Calligraphy drying rack - NEW

Hue- Calligraphy drying rack - NEW

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 Introducing the ideal stand for calligraphers, designed to elevate your craft in more ways than one.

With a generous twenty-two slots (eleven for the small) meticulously crafted into its design, this stand provides ample room to proudly display, photograph, and safely store your exquisite calligraphy pieces as they dry to perfection.

But what truly sets this stand apart are the subtle yet thoughtful details. Each slot features a gracefully curved cutout along the edges, ensuring effortless retrieval of your cards, especially for those edge-to-edge masterpieces.

We've taken it a step further by incorporating a clever pen rest at the front of each card holder. It not only cradles your writing instrument but also serves as an additional slot for your card work, adding functionality without compromising on aesthetics.

Unlike its oak counterpart, the medium stand boasts an astonishingly lightweight design, tipping the scales at a mere 104g and the small only 44g! . To put that into perspective, it's lighter than most smartphones, making it a breeze to carry multiple stands with ease to your next calligraphy event.

Furthermore, we've taken great care to line the underside with non-marring cork, ensuring that your precious work remains unscathed and your surfaces are protected.

Elevate your calligraphy experience with this stand—where practicality meets elegance, and every stroke of your pen finds its perfect stage.


Dimensions (mm): Medium 205(L), 70(W), 18(H) , Small 105 (L), 70(W), 18(H)

Material: Bio-polymer


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